Two Culinay Legends.

Celebrate These Two Legends This Weekend:

A Benefit For Jimella

Fri., Sat. and Sunday, June 22nd, 23rd and 24th.


The short Italian girl on the right is fighting cancer.

     The doctors say it’s stage 2 cancer of the esohpagus, but with chemotherapy they expect a successful recovery.  The therapy costs money, though, so peninsula restaurants are donating a percentage of their profits this weekend to assist them.   This Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 percent of all dinner sales will set aside for Jimella’s health expenses.  Order a Martini, a bottle of wine or a cheeseburger.  It all counts.  Also, during those meals we will features specials utilizing Jimella’s recipes from the Ark Cookbook.

Can’t Make It?

Buy A Raffle Ticket!

We Will Raffle Off A Copy Of

The Ark Cookbook

Just mail us a check (the raffle will last through Saturday, June 30th.  We’ll purchase a ticket for you and all the money will go to Jimella!

                Nanci Main and Jimella Lucas made the Ark Restaurant famous, won James Beard’s heart and put the peninsula on the culinary map in America.  Now, after several years of retirement they have opened and operate Jimella’s Seafood Market and Cafe in Klipsan Beach where they continue to share their skills and knowledge in as smaller more intimate setting.  You can support  Jimella, by visiting the Market and Cafe, too.


We’ll see you soon!

– blaine & cheri