The Secret To Seafood Success


The Secret To Our Success With Seafood

The secret to our success with seafood?  Fish shiny and bright, fresh from the ocean and the river… and only five minutes from our back door.

Jessie’s Seafood Market (ph: 360-642-3773) is located on the dock in the Port of Ilwaco and supplies us with our fresh sturgeon and albacore tuna.  They take delivery right off the boats and filet fish right there (in front of you, if you have the time to watch).  Many visit this time of year just to load up on these seasonal delicacies for smoking or canning at home.  The market is open seven days per week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm starting Memorial Day Weekend and continuing through September..

Fresh salmon is their biggest seller, but they sell thousands of pounds of Albacore tuna to people from all over western Washington and Oregon who barbecue or braise the filets, but mostly they can them.  Why?  Because canned west coast Albacore is so much more tasty than that found in most supermarkets.

Afraid of canning your own fish?  Too much work?  Try Sportsman’s Cannery (ph: 360-642-2335), just eight blocks down the street from us.  It cans tuna, salmon and sturgeon for local sport fishermen who can’t possible eat all that they catch.  They also offer mail order service and have customers from all over the United States.

Oh, and there is one other secret we can discuss in more detail later:  don’t overcook your fish.