Look What Your Valentine Will Get With Dinner…

The Best Valentines Dinner Package Ever!      

A Celebratory Martini or Champagne Cocktail for each, plus…

Four Courses:

An Appetizer to share;

Salads for each of you;

Choice of Any Entree for each of you

And A Dessert To Share



Cultured fresh water pearls.

Pearls by Lonnie in Astoria has given us his entire collection for your Valentine to choose from at dinner on Valentine’s Day when you enjoy one of the special Valentines Dinner packages.  The assortment is wide but numbers of each item are limited and will be rewarded with dessert at the end of your meal on a first come first served basis.  Reservations are recommended.  Price: $70.00 per couple.

Note: Dinner specials on Valentine’s Day will include: an Appetizer/Antipasto Plate of Lemon Oregano Albacore Tuna Mousse, Silky Sweet Bell Peppers,  Pickled Razor Clams , House-smoked Oyster and Olive “Tapenade” & Orange Scented Pickled Asparagus.  Plus scheduled Entree Specials include: Classic Chicken Cordon Bleu using hormone free Foster Farms Chicken Breast Stuffed With Gruyere Cheese and Ham and a Char-broiled all natural Black Angus Top Sirloin With Cilantro, Jalapeno and Lime Chimichurri Salsa and Smoked Spanish Paprika “Shoestring” Fries.

Special Note:  the regular menu will be available, and includable in the Valentine’s Package, too.

Call now for reservations: 360-642-2323.

1 thought on “Look What Your Valentine Will Get With Dinner…

  1. Wish I could post your website to my daughter….sometimes there is a Post to a Friend option….
    ps your Valentine guests are going to enjoy the pearls!!!

    will there be low candles and will there be white tablecloths and cloth napkins for this special evening?

    Your website is quite wonderful. Would also like to send it to my son, 22 just had a beautiful wedding, bought his first house 2 yrs ago and is head chef for a retirement home, he began there at 17 as a dishwasher…so he would be happy to see what you have to offer for his new bride.

    Thank you for your time,

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