Creamy Tomato Bleu Cheese Soup

This soup was developed from a recipe for what has been proclaimed a “Genius” recipe and “the most popular tomato sauce on the internet”

Recipe herepdf

11 thoughts on “Creamy Tomato Bleu Cheese Soup

  1. Your restaurant was my husband’s and my favorite when we came to Long Beach. Your post card is still on our frig from over 2 years ago. Obsessed with your razor clams. Had the most wonderful night when we were there for our anniversary and you had a harpist playing music. Wish I could have her music.

    • Thank you so much. My apologies for getting to your comment this late. I will tell Cheri how much you enjoyed the harp. And check out Long Beach’s razor clam festival on April 19 & 20th. – blaine

  2. Can I get the recipe for the butternut squash you always used to serve when we ate dinner there please. I do not like vegetables, but I could eat that 3 times a day.

  3. Ditto on the butternut squash dish – I’m drooling just thinking about it! It would be so wonderful if one day you had time to do a recipe book. I’d love to know how to make the halibut shrimp cakes, too. We go broke when we come down there and have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – one for each of us so we don’t fight over them anymore! And you were kind enough to make them for us last time we were there even though they aren’t on your appetizer menu any longer. 🙂 Alas, we live in Pennsylvania now. 🙁

  4. My wife’s meatloaf has been a family joke for years. Your meatloaf is the best I ever had. What are the odds on getting that recipe? Great place. We had a great meal last Monday. Thanks, Steve

  5. Hi! We just had another delicious dinner last Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning! Everything was wonderful, as usual.
    Is it possible to get the recipe for the kale and smoked salmon salad we had? I was raving about it to my 90 year old aunt in Arizona and she asked for it. Thanks so much.
    Viki Phillips and Jim Browning

  6. Great food! Please put me on your Newsletter list. Wre are enjoying our new cocktail called James Bond.

  7. Great food! Please put me on your Newsletter list. Wre are enjoying our new cocktail called James Bond.

  8. We’ve been enjoying meals at 42nd St. Café since it opened, and have a couple of favorites I’d like to be able to recreate at home . The butternut squash dish is one that I love, but haven’t had for some time. The other dish is one I had on Easter this year–a crab(or was it shrimp?) soufflé. Any chance you would share these recipes? I would really appreciate it.

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