Is There A Case For Expensive Omelets? Depends On The Eggs.

Should we offer Free Range Organic eggs? Even with the cost? Good Eggs? Given the press one wonders. 

A recent magazine article got it wrong when it proclaimed organic eggs are no healthier than factory-farmed eggs, and here’s why:
Eat well and in moderation.  Lots of plants, but not food made in a plant. 

What If The President Recieved 1000 Copies Of Three Cups Of Tea?

What if…

[youtube][/youtube]Have you read Three Cups Of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliven Relin?  If not we can’t recommend a more interesting and enlighting read.  If you have read it, you might understand and be interested in this crazy idea we can’t shake, despite all that is happening in the world.

What if President Obama received one thousand copies of the book “Three Cups of Tea”?  What if he gave a copy to every person on his staff and the foreign service to read?

It is a simple idea: promote peace by building schools and increasing the promise of opportunity through education.  The book demonstrates what can be done.

We want fans of the book “Three Cups of Tea” to send a new or used copy of the book to the President with the inscription:

“Dear Mr. President, I found this book enlightening and inspirational and think you will, too. If you have read it, please share it with a member of your staff or the Foreign Service”.

Already required reading at the Pentagon, the book “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin is the account of how Mortenson worked to build schools for girls in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in the process promote peace through education in the region.

If you want to participate, mail your used or new copy of the book with the above inscription, or something similar, with your signature to:

President Barack Obama
The White House     
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Note: Please include your e-mail address

Then invite a friend to do so, too… and join our group on Facebook: “Three Cups Of Tea For The President”. We are promoting what we call The Big Mail In event with a deadline of February 22nd, 2010.

FYI: On January 15th, 2010, Bill Moyers did a excellent program on Greg.  This is the link to the page where you can watch the video.

Nickel Sale


You don’t want to miss this… ever.

An Extra Nickel is Worth $10.00

when the Big Holiday “Nickel” Sale Begins

Friday, Nov. 27th!  



An extra nickel will get you a 20% bonus when you 

buy a $50.00 Gift Certificate for $50.05.

Yes, We’ll Give You a $10.00 Bonus Dining Certificate

for just $.05 more! 


But the Sale Ends Tuesday, Dec. 1 st at 8:00 pm.

All orders must be faxed, called-in, or emailed by that time.

Again, Here’s How It Works:

$50.05 buys a $50.00 in Gift Certificate and a Bonus Free $10.00 Dining Certificate Valid now through Dec 30th, 2010.  Your Gift Certificates are useable as cash any time and do not expire.
Your Bonus Free Dining Certificate is valid at Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and expires Dec. 30th, 2010.  Note: Bonus Certifcates can be combined, but not with other “promotional” offers.  The accountant says we can be generous, but not foolish.

And there is no limit to this sale.
$100.10 buys $120.00 in Certificates!  Etc.  Etc.


Whom should this sale benefit?

  1. Anyone planning to visit and dine with us during 2010.  Need an excuse? Review the Kite Festival Video.
  2. Anyone who wants to give a gift of Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with us.
  3. Anyone who can’t pass up getting $60.00 in credit with us for $50.05.

And, who shouldn’t benefit from this sale?


1) Anyone who won’t be dining with us in 2010.

2) Anyone who has no friends.


 To Order:

Mail, Fax, Phone or bring in the information below.


Blaine, I want to purchase $_______ in Certificates and receive $10 in Bonus Certificates for each $50.00 I purchase.



Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________



E-z Payment By: VISA                MC                 AM EX          (circle one)

Credit Card #:_____________________________________  Exp. Date:_________


Phone: 360-642-2323.

Fax to: 360-642-2700.

Order on line at aftet 10:00 am Friday the 27th!

OR Pay by check
payable to: 42nd Street Cafe and

mail to: PO Box 1246, Long Beaxh, WA 98631


Offer expires 8:00 0m Dec. 1st, 2009!


The Secret To Seafood Success


The Secret To Our Success With Seafood

The secret to our success with seafood?  Fish shiny and bright, fresh from the ocean and the river… and only five minutes from our back door.

Jessie’s Seafood Market (ph: 360-642-3773) is located on the dock in the Port of Ilwaco and supplies us with our fresh sturgeon and albacore tuna.  They take delivery right off the boats and filet fish right there (in front of you, if you have the time to watch).  Many visit this time of year just to load up on these seasonal delicacies for smoking or canning at home.  The market is open seven days per week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm starting Memorial Day Weekend and continuing through September..

Fresh salmon is their biggest seller, but they sell thousands of pounds of Albacore tuna to people from all over western Washington and Oregon who barbecue or braise the filets, but mostly they can them.  Why?  Because canned west coast Albacore is so much more tasty than that found in most supermarkets.

Afraid of canning your own fish?  Too much work?  Try Sportsman’s Cannery (ph: 360-642-2335), just eight blocks down the street from us.  It cans tuna, salmon and sturgeon for local sport fishermen who can’t possible eat all that they catch.  They also offer mail order service and have customers from all over the United States.

Oh, and there is one other secret we can discuss in more detail later:  don’t overcook your fish.

Hiking the New Dunes Trail

Take this Walk.

You will discover true serenity.

Take this walk. When you come to “the beach” you owe it to yourself. There is nothing like these quiet three miles anywhere I know of on the west coast.

A path you can walk on by the sea, through the dunes and among the shore’s flora and fauna. No sounds except the wind, waves, and a crow’s caw or a sandpiper’s tweet.

And it is paved, so bad hips and knees won’t suffer the torture of uneven ground. Segways can be driven here in solitude.

I took this video with my best friend on a beautiful day in June. Imagine how gorgeous it is in September or what a great escape it would be from the crowds at Kite Festival.

Welcome to the 42nd Street Cafe

Even the critics say “finally a restaurant that both locals and visitors love.” We serve “Original Gourmet Comfort Food” with big flavors to good friends having great times. To learn more about what we do, visit our about page. Or dive straight into our menus! We are the one restaurant you just can’t miss when you come to the Long Beach Peninsula, and we’d like the chance to prove it to you!